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Hello, welcome to “Talking to Myself.” Talking is a great escape from the horrors  of the world.   I am very excited to be on Weebly! All of my friends and teachers have one too! My "About Me" page lists all of my my favorite  things. My "Academics" page has all of my subjects, and "Resources" has external links. This will be very fun. Comments and feedback are a good thing and if there is anything in this website you think I could fix please leave a comment on my "Discussion" blog. I hope you enjoy this site. The "Academics" page is still under construction and some of the sub-pages may not have anything on them.
A new game has arisen! Jin-Song was invented on 11-12-10 by the students of Stevenson. Jin-Song was started by us playing soccer but one student kept picking up the ball. Eventually we started to try and stop him then tackle then it was a free-for-all. We organized teams and christened the game Jin-Song. It was played until five o clock and shall be remembered forever. If you are interested in Jin-Song or want to learn the rules contact me at