Talking to Myself
To be an outsider means no to be in a certain group. Ponyboy is an outsider because he is not a Soc but at the same time Randy is an outsider because he is not a greaser. I don’t like the term outsider because you are never really on the outsider, even if you aren’t in the most popular group in school. Think about who you are and who loves you. If you know the answer to those two questions you are never and outsider.

I don’t think the saying “Nothing gold can stay” is true. I have had a knack for singing and acting since I was little; if you want your gold to stay, you have to make it. I get yelled at by my peers for singing; I could never sing again but then I would lose my gold. Instead, I stop fir that specific time period and then I practice again. I work hard for my goal to stay, and as time goes on I believe my gold will shine even brighter.

The lessons I learned from the book is that family counts, and to never give up hope. Pony has to rely on his family even when they don’t get along, and even when he ran away, he still had hope. Hope kept him going until family came back into his life, but if someone can harness both, he or she is a beacon of shining light.

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