Talking to Myself
This is my Mandala. It is split into three sections by a peace sign. In the top right section there is a rose that symbolizes love, a mockingbird that symbolizes sound, and a gecko that symbolizes all the miniscule things in the world. In the bottom section there is an oak tree standing on a lone hill. I actually messed up on the bottom section, there was supposed to be strong wind behind the tree but it is barely visible through the sky blue background. It was supposed to symbolize standing strong. In the bottom left of the bottom section there is a small gem. A sapphire to be exact; it is not worth as much as other gems but it is every bit as alluring. In the top left there is a script that is a tribute to all of the time my parents and I have put into the dramatic theater. The bible symbolizes my baptism and the cross symbolizes my conformation. 

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