Talking to Myself




            Love is when a person shows outstanding affection for another person. A loving person protects those who that person loves, a loving person shares, and most importantly, a loving person will provide help for loved ones. Moms love their children with everything, a dog protects his or her master, and a soldier fights for his or her country. They do this not because they are forced to; they do it because of love. Sodapop Curtis, in the book The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton, has love to spare.

            Now, Sodapop is obviously loving. When his brother Ponyboy runs away and hides out for a while, Sodapop worries himself sick. Next, when Pony resurfaces after receiving burns on his back from saving children from a fire Sodapop and his other brother Darry stayed in the Hospital day and night. Then when Ponyboy got out ,and was sent on strict bed-rest, Ponyboy heard Sodapop say, “…the doctor told us we were going to end up in the hospital ourselves if we didn’t get some sleep,” [pg. 160]. Ponyboy who was having family problems could see that he is still loved like heck by his cheerful brother Sodapop.

            Now, Sodapop has lots of stories about his past including one about his favorite horse: Mickey Mouse. Mickey Mouse isn’t legally Sodapop’s but Sodapop is the only one the Mickey Mouse allowed to ride him. Sodapop visits the stable every day and rides Mickey Mouse up and down the rodeo. His family can tell that Sodapop loves that horse more than anything, and Sodapop is saving up to buy him. Upon telling the story, Ponyboy says, “…I thought that Mickey Mouse and Soda looked alike and were alike,” [pg.39]. Sodapop is horse-crazy but Mickey Mouse is sold away and Sodapop loves that horse so much he cries himself into a stupor. He still demonstrates love in things that aren’t human.

            Also, Sodapop is madly in love with a girl named Sandy. Sodapop bragged about everything he can but never about Sandy. Sandy is one of the main principles of Sodapop’s life. Sandy gets pregnant, and in those days it is expected for you to be married before you have a baby. Sodapop doesn’t get Sandy pregnant, so it is obvious she cheats on him, but he still offers to marry her so she won’t be disgraced. Sandy runs away, moves to Florida, and returned Sodapop’s letter unopened. When Sodapop got mad Darry says to Ponyboy, “When Sandy went to Florida… It wasn’t Sodapop Ponyboy. He told me he loved her. But I guess she didn’t love him like he thought she did…” He still loves her with an undying passion though.

            In conclusion, Sodapop is loving throughout The Outsiders. Sodapop realizes how much he is appreciated and tries hard to keep up his happy-go-lucky attitude. Sodapop shows love by taking care of Sandy, keeping his horse well-fed, and staying at the hospital with Ponyboy. If Sodapop didn’t care so much about Sandy, he would have kept his emotions bottled up and never had a heart-to-heart with Ponyboy and Darry. If Soda didn’t take care of his horse, Ponyboy wouldn’t have been able to engage in a deep conversation with Cherry, and she might not have helped them. The story would have changed if Sodapop wasn’t there when Ponyboy was at the hospital. Ponyboy might have run away again. I try to love and have fun but regretfully, sometimes I am not. I think of everyone I know as a friend, and if they need help, I love to give it to them. There is a new kid in a play I am doing, and instead of leaving him out I invited him to come with my friends and me. It made me feel great knowing I had done something good. I try to make the best out of everything, even if it’s not fun. Even if you think you have no love, I can guarantee you do, and someone will return your love if you show it. Love is all around us, in the loving spring air to our friends that surround us. Love is everywhere.

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