Talking to Myself




Fear, A pale man wearing ebony clothes
Spiky hair and a black jacket
He walks slowly, never faster than he needs to
Backed by his pet snake, named Death
And legions of undead, spiders, and rats
Living in a large city where many are on their toes
He find you after you watch that horror film
Or turn off the nightlight
He sneaks behind
You never see his face
You hear his and if you turn around
You look at his snake, Death, in the eye
Fear stares and says, "Are you sssssssstartled?"
“I’ll lull you to sleep”
And when you finally fall into that endless void
He glides into the only place you hold dear
Your dreams
He destroys them and replaces them with fantasias of himself
Allowing you to relive his attack
Then when you wake up he follows you… forever
Reminding you of the dream with every turn you make

Oh, and look behind you, he might be there, waiting

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