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Loco Moco
My name is Kevin, and I don't know if I'm allowed to tell you my last name, or where I live, or... Well, my name is Kevin. I go to The Robert Louis Stevenson Preparatory Academy for the Enlightened, or RLS. If you go to RLS then you probably realize you have never heard that name before. That is because some friends and I made it up a few years ago to make the school sound better. I am in seventh grade and love to act. I have been in theater for years and years and enjoy it to its fullest. Another one of my few hobbies is cloud-watching; it sounds like I'm a space cadet, I know, but if that's how you want to see me then I’m okay with it. My favorite subject is probably Music because I can sing in that class. I have a very nice dog named Klyde (yes with a "K") and he is very funny. I room with twenty fish and live with my mother, father and brother. My mother teaches at RLS, giving me a ride home when I desire it (got to love that).

Favorite Foods

Lemon Chicken

Loco Moco

Fried Rice

Favorite Music

Viva la Gloria (Little Girl)
Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Viva la Vida

Lost and Violet Hills

A Horse with No Name

Black Holed Sun

Fie On Goodness

Fifteen Men on a Dead Man’s Chest

Let Me Fall

Beauty and the Beast’s Mob Song

Saga Begins

Starry Night

Waving Flag

Check Yes Juliet

Favorite Musicals

A Very Potter Musical


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Musicals I’ve Been In

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat-RLS (Chorus)

Wizard of Oz-RLS (Munchkin Coroner)

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat-Pac Rep (Chorus)

Beauty and the Beast-Pac Rep (Spoon)

Beauty and the Beast- Pac Rep (Fork, Librarian)

Peter Pan-Pac Rep (Pre-Show,Derek the Lost Boy)

If Whishes Were Horses-Walt Defaria Original (Pre-Show, Lead Nerd, Breakdancer)

Aladdin Jr.-SoDA Onstage (Prince Dadu Rhan Rhan the Dancer)

Jungle Book Jr.-SoDA Onstage (Kaa, Man-Eating/Breakdancing Plant)

Oliver-Pac Rep (Workhouse Kid, Fagain’s Pickpocket, Rich Kid)

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-Pac Rep (Augustus Gloop)

101 Dalmatians-SoDA Onstage (Pongo)
Beauty and the Beast-RLS (Lefou)

Pac Rep= Pacific Reparatory Theater 

RLS= Robert Louis Stevenson School

SoDA Onstage= School of Dramatic Arts Onstage

Favorite Bands


Favorite TV Shows

Regular Show

Big Bang Theory

How I Met Your Mother

Rules of Engagement


Two and a Half Men

Family Guy

Total Drama Series

Suite Life on Deck

Deadliest Warrior

Hawaii Five-O


CSI: Miami

Favorite Movies


Death Race

Pineapple Express

Time Bandits


The Blue and the Gray


Lilo and Stich

The Other Guys

Vampires Suck

Tropical Thunder


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